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Why Routine Heating Maintenance is Important - Blue Mountain Plumbing

Is Heater Maintenance Really That Important?

Many of us have a bad habit of waiting to do something about our home's needs until a big, bad reality rears its head. It can be easy to shrug off maintenance schedules when it feels like there is nothing wrong; a major time when this happens is after the warm season, when it will soon be time for using the furnace again. However, your feeling may or may not be based on the realities of your furnace. Natural wear-and-tear on the system may mean that there are dangers to the system that you wouldn't expect unless you get someone in there to check it out. Here are some major reasons why a quick tune-up each year is an excellent idea:

System Reliability

You don't ever want to be in the position where you wake up in the middle of the night to a frigid house due to a system breakdown. Furnaces that don't receive yearly maintenance are functional right up to the moment when they really, REALLY aren't. Yearly maintenance gives you the chance to catch small problems early so that they have no time to become big problems or catastrophic failure, both of which create uncertainty and make your system so much less reliable.

Fewer Repairs

Quick fixes can often prevent much bigger furnace repairs, and so a routine tune-up can make sure that every box is checked on your repair checklist. This one, shorter appointment can actually cut down on future needed repairs by aligning everything and catching any beginnings of a problem before they become damages that need multiple house visits to repair.

Longer Lifespan

A well-maintained furnace doesn't only save you money in the short term; as furnace systems function, they naturally need tune-ups to avoid doing minor but long-term damage to themselves. With these tune-ups, your furnace will last for more years than without, and they prevent a small problem from ending the life of your furnace prematurely. Overall, the large cost of a replacement furnace becomes smaller if you can spread it out over a very long furnace life, saving you money by taking good care of your investment.


The potential for carbon monoxide leaks or other health hazards is low with your furnace but, unmaintained, a furnace can become a safety hazard in a variety of ways. Checking every year and making any needed adjustments or repairs can be the easiest step you can take to ensure the safety of yourself, your home, and your family.

Cost Savings - Lower Utility Bills

While furnaces don't get "miles per gallon," like a car, they still can operate at greater and lower levels of efficiency, like an engine. When you do your routine maintenance, you'll often see a lower utility bill afterward, since making sure that all parts of the system are running makes it easier to do the work of heating with less needed fuel. Your yearly maintenance pays for itself, both with the longer lifespan of the furnace and with more efficient operation after the maintenance.

Forced Air System Maintenance

We are happy to help with forced air system maintenance, though another way you can reap the above benefits without even having a technician out to your home is to change your air filter regularly. It doesn't only make your air quality great in the home, but also increases the efficiency of the system, making it well worth the cost and hassle of putting in a new filter.

Are you ready to get the help you need with yearly maintenance tune-ups? We can help you catch small problems before they become big, expensive repairs. Contact us today at Blue Mountain to get the excellent preventative maintenance you need.

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