Friday, January 16, 2015

Blue Mountain Plumbing is Here to Help

Family owned and staffed by knowledgeable, trustworthy technicians, Blue Mountain Plumbing and HVAC is a Thornton, Colorado based company, that serves the Denver metro area. We are willing to assist you with all your installation and repair needs. Whether residential or smaller commercial locations, all of our services are guaranteed. We are committed to serving you 24 hours a day and offer the following services:

  • Heating Repair and Installation
  • Cooling Repair and Installation
  • Boiler Repair and Installation
  • Plumbing Repair and Installation
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Swamp Cooler Repair and Installation
  • Furnace Repair and Installation
  • AC Air Conditioning Repair and Installation
  • Hot Water Heater/Tankless Repair and Installation
  • Leaking Pipe Repair

Our licensed and insured technicians provide you with upfront pricing and an individualized quote. To schedule an appointment, you may reach us by phone at 720.839.4015 or leave your information at and one of our staff members will be in contact with you promptly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Superbowl and Your Plumbing

Although our beloved Denver Broncos are done for the season, it is safe to assume that many of us will continue to follow football playoffs into the Super Bowl. With the Super Bowl being the second largest day for food consumption besides Thanksgiving, Blue Mountain Plumbing would like to remind you to consider the effects on your garbage disposals and plumbing.
We all may be familiar with the myth that water systems of large American cities are on the verge of collapsing across the country during halftime, but fortunately for us; this is simply not true. It is true, however, that the toilet is flushed more times during the Super Bowl halftime than at any time during the year. Astonishingly, the amount of water that is flushed on average during halftime is equivalent to seven minutes of water flowing over Niagara Falls! This may be partially due to the 50 million cases of beer Super Bowl viewers are estimated to consume during the game.
Common issues for plumbing emergencies during large gatherings include toilet backups, sewer backups, clogged sinks, and clogged garbage disposals. So if you are planning on hosting or attending a Super Bowl party, it is important to keep this in mind. The staff of Blue Mountain Plumbing and HVAC in the Metro Denver area is happy to assist you with any plumbing or drain issues in order for your halftime show to run smoothly.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

5 New Years Resolutions for a Smooth Running Home

A very Happy New Year to all of you from Blue Mountain Plumbing and HVAC! As we specialize in heating, cooling, and plumbing systems in Thornton, Colorado, we provided five simple resolutions to ensure that you maintain a smooth-running home in 2015:

Give Everything a Proper Place: Tools and cleaning supplies are only useful when you can find them! Also, it is a good idea to save receipts of previous repairs or installations of heating, cooling, or plumbing fixtures for future reference. A simple labeled folder in a desk will do the trick!

Keep Up With Things As They Happen: It’s better to have a furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or pipe repaired at the first signs of trouble instead of letting it escalate into a bigger issue. Blue Mountain Plumbing and HVAC is staffed by qualified professionals who will help troubleshoot the issue and make the necessary repairs to ensure no further issues happen.

Stay One Step Ahead of The Seasons: There’s no better way to be prepared and safe time and money than by staying ahead of the curve! In late winter, it’s a good idea to think about cleaning and servicing air conditioning units so that you won’t be sweating it come summer. Cleaning gutters and blowing out your sprinklers in fall can be stressful with the ever-changing weather of Colorado, so schedule appointments in advance to ensure they are taken care of before snow starts falling. Dust can build up in furnaces when not in use, so it is a good idea to clean and replace filters before turning them on for the first time.

Generate a Cleaning Schedule That Works For You:  Maintaining a home certainly isn’t easy; things break, stains are made, not to mention general cleaning and upkeep! Remembering the last time you changed your air filters usually isn’t the first thing on your mind, but a simple post-it reminder of the last date changed and the anticipated next change placed inside the furnace closet helps to remain consistent.

Reduce, Recycle, and Renew:  Clearing clutter is the easiest way to stay organized and being sure that items are disposed of properly can minimize damage to your home. For example; cooking grease, oils, paints, fibrous and starchy foods, as well as bleach and too much drain cleaner can damage and clog plumbing and pipes. Finding yourself guilty of disposing several of the above products? Not to worry! Schedule a drain cleaning with Blue Mountain Plumbing to remove debris and assess any possible damage. Finally, replacing worn parts on heating and cooling systems, as well as your home plumbing, can reduce the chances of damages and leaks in the new year!