Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blue Mountain Plumbing is Thornton, Colorado Proud

Blue Mountain Plumbing and HVAC has been proudly serving the Denver metro area for many years, but maintains its’ strong roots in Thornton. We hope you enjoy what we’ve dug up about local Thornton history, wacky weather, local huants, and Thornton celebrities.

Thornton became the first fully planned community of Adams County in 1953 and the city was named after residing Colorado governor of the time, Dan Thornton.

With population slightly over 82,000, Thornton is the sixth largest city in Colorado.

On the afternoon of June 3, 1981, the worst tornado in Denver metro history touched down in Thornton.

The first woman to hold the United States Secretary of the Interior position, Gale Ann Norton, attended Thornton High School. Norton held the position during George W. Bush’s presidency from 2001 to 2006.

Riverdale Road is a supposedly haunted road near Thornton, occupied by the spirits
of driving fatalities and previous occupants of the area. Although these tales are most likely the accumulation of urban legends, the drive is eerie at night with twisted cottonwoods and sharp turns; perfect for thrill-seeking junkies.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 Decor Tips For a Homier Bathroom

Here at Blue Mountain Plumbing and HVAC in Thornton, Colorado, we understand how important your homes and bathrooms are. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to help make your bathroom more homey!

Lighting- When we aren’t blessed with enough natural lighting or when the light fixtures in our bathroom are dated, there are several quick fixes that can help make any bathroom great. Installing various lampshades on wall mounted lights can hide the eyesore and also help create a dramatic effect with the lighting. Even the type of lightbulbs you use make a difference; white bulbs illuminate facial features most accurately, while halogen bulbs soften features slightly. Finally consider installing a dimmer in larger bathrooms; they save energy and look great!

Textures- From oversized plush towels to the tile floor- a bathroom has to have a wide variety in the textures used. Textures are visually appealing to guests and give the room an inviting feel. Shower curtains and bathroom rugs are easy exchanges, so look for something soft with dimension. Installing rows of mosaic tile around the mirror will have a nice framing effect and cause the eye to travel around the room.

Color- We are all familiar with the rule of thumb never to paint a small room a dark color, but this can actually look elegant if balanced with lighter colors. For example, if you have white counters and appliances, a darker color paint could look quite chic if paired with light colored linens and a few, tasteful pieces of art. The best look is to pick three to four colors and stick with that theme, with one patterned item to break the monotony.

Seasonal Decorating- Incorporating simple holiday or seasonal foliage in a bathroom can make a big difference! A large, clear vase can be filled with different items throughout the year; pinecones in winter, lemons in spring, seashells in summer, etc. This is a fun and simple way to change things up in the bathroom and express yourself throughout the year. Another simple change to make are with scented candles and hand soap. Guests will love something that smells great and is also festive.

Organization- There is nothing that ruins a great bathroom more than clutter and toiletry items lining the counter. Shelves and stacking trays can be added to under the counter space to help remove clutter from countertops. Still struggling to make room for everything? A shelf or rack can be added behind the toilet to house extra towels rolled neatly and decorative boxes to hold other toiletry needs.