Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter Plumbing Tips for Thornton, Colorado

At Blue Mountain Plumbing and HVAC, we know what winters in Colorado are like. We work predominantly in the Thornton and Denver Metro Areas, and have experience with helping homeowners winterize their homes, replacing and repairing heating systems, and even helping families who are having trouble with frozen pipes.

We believe in customer service, and providing our customers throughout the Denver metro area with exceptional service. That’s why we bring you weekly blogs, with helpful hints to make your life easier!

Last week we brought you a winter checklist to help get your home ready for the winter. This week we are going to provide you with some tips to help keep your home running smoothly all winter long! Keep reading for some great information on winter plumbing tips to help keep your home warm, and your house functioning, especially if you live in Thornton, Colorado!

Complete the Winter Checklist: Have you read our blog that outlines what should be on your Winter Checklist in the Denver metro area? If not, make time. Reading this blog is our first tip for keeping your home in order this winter.

Keep Heat Running During Cold Weather: This may seem obvious, but it is important to keep your heat running during cold weather. This will help protect your pipes against freezing, and should tip you off to any obvious malfunctions with your heating system. If your heating system or furnace needs repair, be sure to call Blue Mountain Plumbing. We are available 24/7 to help!

Schedule a Yearly Maintenance Check: Scheduling a yearly maintenance check with Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating, and HVAC will help keep your home running smoothly from year to year. From replacing air filters, to fine tuning heating systems, there are many tasks that should be performed yearly to keep your home in order, and your appliances working.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter Checklist ­ Plumbing and Heating

It is hard to believe it is already December here in Colorado! Blue Mountain Plumbing and HVAC is located in Thornton, Colorado, and after servicing the Denver Metro Area for several winters, our technicians know the difference it makes when homeowners check off a winter check list for their plumbing and heating needs.

Sprinklers: If you have not already had your sprinklers blown out and winterized your system, this should be the first item on your checklist. Although the Denver metro area has been experiencing some very warm days well into late fall, this is the time of year you could face damage if you don’t check this item off the list. In addition, make sure all hoses are disconnected to keep them from freezing and splitting.

Air Filters: Check your air filters. It is important to replace filters in a timely manner to keep your heating system running efficiently.

Maintenance Check: Schedule a maintenance check for your heating and plumbing systems with the arrival of winter. The experts here at Blue Mountain Plumbing and HVAC are experts when it comes to frozen pipes, heating system repairs, plumbing repairs, and many other types of repairs. Scheduling maintenance checks will help keep your house up­to­date, and catch problems before they become dangerous.

Freezing Pipes: If the weather falls below freezing, it is a good idea to keep your heat on and make sure you leave your faucets running at a slight dribble. This will keep your pipes from freezing, and should most definitely be a part of your winter checklist.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Keeping Your Furnace Fine-Tuned

If you’re from the Denver metro area like our plumbers at Blue Mountain Plumbing, you know that Colorado gets cold during the winter! That’s why it is important to ensure that your furnace is working properly this winter. There are lots of aspects to keeping your furnace running properly, which is why the experts at Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating, and HVAC have your back!

Always remember to keep safety first while checking your heating system (that goes for any maintenance work on your house)! Make sure power sources are turned off, and be sure to wear proper safety equipment.
There are many different types of furnaces and heating systems houses use, but regardless of the type of furnace or heating system it is important to always run maintenance checks on a yearly basis. These checks help keep your furnace running smoothly.
If your furnace or heating system is having a problem, our heating experts in Thornton, Colorado are happy to help! We service the Denver metro area, and repair and replace home furnaces!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Client Success Story - Blue Mountain Plumbing

We pride ourselves on our customer service, honesty, and integrity. In the plumbing and HVAC industry it is hard to find companies with values that align with the customer’s interests. That is part of what makes Blue Mountain Plumbing, Cooling, and Heating different!

We get a lot of call for repairs and replacements on cooling and heating systems, furnace repair, leaking pipes, and much more. We will do whatever it takes to make these repairs for you at a fair and affordable price! Just ask our customers!

This is a recent client success story we received while making repairs in the Denver metro area (Thornton, Colorado).

“Just wanted to thank Nathan for coming out last evening and clearing our line. He was pleasant, professional and went above and beyond to help us clear up a horrible mess. He even got out his wet-vac to help – didn’t need to do that at all, but was GREATLY appreciated! And the bill was ½ of what I expected an after-hours call to be!

I’m sure you guys are like many other businesses and only hear from your customers when they’re unhappy. I wanted to take a minute to say ‘Job well done!’”

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Importance of Checking Your Heating System

At Blue Mountain Plumbing, we know that winters in Thornton and the Denver Metro Area can get a bit snowy! With winter just around the corner now is a crucial time to make sure that your heating system is working. How can you ensure that your heating system is up-to-date this winter? Keep reading to find out!

Maintenance Check:

Have you replaced your air filters lately? Checked to see if your vents are open and clean? These basic maintenance steps will help make your transition into winter much easier. If you are unsure of how to check your furnace, you can always call a professional at Blue Mountain Plumbing!

Upgrades and Repairs:

If you have an old furnace or heating system, you may want to consider upgrading before winter arrives. Thornton and the Denver Metro area get chilly, and you will want a system that will keep you warm through the season. At Blue Mountain Plumbing, we specialize in furnace and heating systems repair and installation. If there is an issue with your heating system or furnace, we will be able to help replace or repair in a timely and professional manner!

With 24/7 service available, Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is your source for warmth this winter!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Work With Blue Mountain Plumbing

If you are looking for a quality plumber or HVAC expert in Thornton, or the Denver Metro Area, Blue Mountain Plumbing and Heating and Cooling is the company for you! Why should you choose to work with Blue Mountain?

Quality Service:

At Blue Mountain Plumbing we pride ourselves on quality service. Blue Mountain is a company that is honest with its customers, informative and professional. We will provide a quality, professional plumbing or heating experience that will leave you feeling valued!

Experience that Matters:

When it comes to heating repair, boiler or furnace installation, or leaking pipes in Thornton, Colorado or the Denver metro area Blue Mountain Plumbing has the experience you need to keep your home or office running smoothly.

The Right Stuff:

To get your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs taken care of you need a professional plumbing company with the right tools. We work with major brands like Honeywell, Aprilaire, Kohler, Goodman air conditioning and heating units, and many other trusted names in the plumbing, cooling, and heating industry! We know the Denver Metro Area and Thornton as well as we know plumbing, which is why we have the right stuff to get the job done!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Don't Get Scammed!

We were out to a customer's home recently who was told that they had a bad compressor and as a result they needed a new air conditioner and furnace. We were able to give a second opinion and found that there were some electrical components that failed and got the air conditioner back up and running.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A new and exiting feature of Blue Mountain is that we are now able to offer XCEL Energy Rebates! Air Conditioners, Water Heaters, Furnaces and Swamp Coolers all can qualify for rebates. Many people don't know this but if you replace an old air conditioner with a new one 14 SEER or higher you can also get a trade in rebate worth up to $500.00. Now that is exciting!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Go Denver Broncos!

Here at Blue Mountain we are very excited about the Denver Broncos season starting tomorrow against the Seattle Seahawks. We are obviously hoping for a win, even though it's only pre season. We are guessing that all the Broncos fans are excited to Manning Mania!