Tuesday, November 17, 2015

10 Must Have's in New Homes Today!

10 Must Haves in New Homes Today!

  1. Large Kitchen's with an Island! A smart way to invest in your home is to put the dollars into your kitchens, which include islands and granite counter tops. A pretty kitchen faucet with the right style could be a focal point also.
  2. Energy Efficiency! Appliances, Windows and Insulation. These are the main area's that draw people to buy a home.
  3. Home Office / Study. People are trading these more usable spaces for say a formal dining room and also theater rooms.
  4. Main Floor Master Suite. This feature is a must have for empty nesters, retired people but also younger people. This negates the need for a 2nd floor laundry room also.
  5. Outdoor Living Room. The popularity of these spaces continue to grow. Even in Canada. The idea of an outdoor living space is becoming more popular than an outdoor cooking area.
  6. Ceiling Fans
  7. Master Suite Soaking Tubs. There are new free standing soaker tubs gaining popularity for the new home buyer and renovator. Oversize shower with a seat are also popular.
  8. Stone and Brick Exteriors. Stucco and Vinyl don't make the cut.
  9. Community Landscaping, With Walking Paths and Playgrounds. Swimming Pool and golf courses are not as popular. Now walking paths and lush greenery are what people want.
  10. 2 Car Garages. A given at all levels; three-car garages, in which the third bay is more often than not used for additional storage and not automobiles, is desirable in the move-up and custom categories.

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